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      All these pictures were collected from different people, during different times -- from Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver - The Canadian tour. Benny Tour and Broadway pictures are now up as well, and we are always adding more as we get them. Thank you to all of you who have sent us some already. If you have any pictures that you would like to see here, we'll be glad to put them up. Just e-mail us either the pictures or a link to them, and we'll get them up as soon as possible.

1. With Blue eyeshadow
2. Side view, smiling
3. Front view, smiling
4. Front view, smiling
5. Big smile
6. Nice, casual smile
7. Looking kind of scared
8. With big ass happy flowers
9. Infront of the Royal Alex (In Toronto)
10. A blurry picture
11. Black and white with a camera
12. First official Maggie picture
13. Showing off her shirt
14. Looking comfy in a big sweater
15. In a shadow
16. Crying (possibly)
17. With the alien
18. With the alien again
19. With the alien yet again
20. With the "Big Ass Happy Flowers"
21. Singing
22. Doing her voices
23. Kissing
24. Maggie
26. Maggie in Ottawa
27. Side view
28. In Ottawa
29. Laughing.. or smiling big
30. Tie-dye
31. Maggie with her script
32. Maggie with a water bottle
33. Waving
34. With her cookbook
35. Again with the alien, with a kiss on it's cheek
36. Maggie all bundled up
37. Either she's waving, or bobbing her hair.. who knows
38. Doing.. something.
39. Black and white close up
40. Maggie, while in the Benny Tour
41. Maggie again
42. Maggie in Boston
43. Maggie in a dress
44. Maggie with HUGE glasses
45. Maggie on a bar

1. Lisa, Laura, Steph, Maggie, Dani, Jill, Alice, Tonya, and Renee
2. Kerri and Maggie
3. Lauren and Maggie
4. Someone, Someone, Laura, Maggie, Ali, Lisa, Hannah, Lauren, and Natalie
5. Laura and Maggie hugging
6. Lisa and Maggie
7. Maggie and Natalie
8. Another one of Maggie and Natalie
9. Maggie and Tonya
10. Amber and Maggie
11. Liz, Jordan, Maggie, and Clover
12. Lynda, with Scott and Maggie
13. Lynda and Maggie
14. Lynda and Maggie again
15. Anthony, with Brent and Maggie
16. Maggie and Anthony
17. Anthony, with Pierre, Maggie, and Scott
18. Lynda, with Christian, Maggie, and Scott
19. Maggie and Stacy
20. Maggie and John
21. Maggie and Shani
22. Maggie and Shani after the closing show in Atlanta
23. Maggie and Julie
24. Scott, Melody and Maggie
25. Maggie, Brandi and Scott
26. Maggie and Amber again
27. Maggie and Rachel
28. Scott, John and Maggie
29. Stacy and Maggie
30. Scott, Stacy and Maggie
31. Maggie and Rachel
32. Ava and Maggie
33. Maggie, Ava and Scott
34. Ava and Maggie again
35. A college of pictures Fabio made
36. Rachel and Maggie
37. Maggie and Stacy

1. Maggie and Christine at bows at the last show
2. Same as above, but closer up (Maggie really shows her feelings here)
3. Maggie, Dean, and Damian
4. Maggie, Dean, and Damian (different angle)
5. Dean McNeill and Maggie
6. Jen, Tricia, and Maggie
7. Maggie and Cary
8. Maggie and Damian
9. Dean and Maggie
10. Tricia and Maggie
11. Robert and Maggie
12. Saskia, Cary, Maggie, and Thom at bows
13. Saskia and Maggie
14. Maggie and Jai in Vancouver
15. Mission Impossible: Damian, Dominique, Dean McNeill, Maggie, and Danny
16. Maggie and Scott
17. Maggie and Scott again
18. Marcus and Maggie
19. Tricia and Maggie
20. Maggie laughing at something with Anthony and Brent
21. Maggie in HUGE glasses with Matt
22. Maggie and Scott
23. Maggie, Scott and Matt
24. Cristina, Jacques, Laura and Maggie during Seasons Of Love
25. Maggie with The Broadway cast during the finale