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1/4/2000: Many new Maureen sounds have been added to the sounds section, as well as more pictures in the pictures section. There is also a new counter since the other one stopped working and Maggie's Broadway bio is now up in the bio's section. If you have any sounds/pictures/reviews/links or anything else that you would like to see on the site feel free to e-mail us here.

12/13/99: Pictures are always being added as we get them to the pictures page so check there to see some new ones every once in a while. As well, Maggie's last show in the Benny Tour of RENT was Dec. 12th, 1999. She will now be moving to New York to continue her role in RENT on Broadway.

8/14/99: More pictures added in the pictures section from the Benny Tour. Also, a new review from Amber is up in the reviews section. Coming soon are some Benny Tour sounds, and more Benny Tour pictures.

After so many months of working on this site, we've finally finished. Look here for updates in the future, when we get more stuff to add.